Have an idea in mind? We will help you establish and uplift it with our technology expertise.

ncapsulate your idea with technological solutions to let you reap the benefits of technology platform that will differentiate you from traditional competitors and help you not only to establish the footprint in market but also to make you get ready to scale your business to the next level.
Below are the key phases that we envisage as we help you choose our products and services to complement your business. These phases will be customized to suit your interests and requirements.

Leverage our expertise to help you design technology platform to shoulder your idea and to penetrate the market

Our project leaders will work together with you to understand your business model, competitive market, target user group as well as proposed technology solution and platform to complement your business objectives and plans.
Early Learning Labs Development Project

We don’t just create website or an application. We rather work with you as your mentor partner in your growth. Our customized development plan starts with helping you identify your target consumer base and define the key requirements / expectations for each group. Through primary and secondary research we help you to establish development roadmap to optimize product functionality and position solutions for success in the market.

Possible Outputs

  • Opportunity and solution prototype
  • Application / Website architecture and consumer base guidelines

Establish equilibrium between ‘initial cost of solution ownership’ and ‘ongoing growth and relevant technological scalability plans’

We don’t just sell the solutions. We rather build long lasting relationships to collaborate and empower you at every stage in your growth. We prefer to support your ambitious plans with our customized and scalable packages to reduce your initial cost of solution ownership.

We understand the value of your idea and your priority to tackle growth vis-à-vis budget. We hence customize ‘pay per use’ or ‘pay per user’ or ‘pay per module’ options which provides you same technological advance without compromising on scalability and features. Whats unique to us is we promise to substantially reduce your initial cost of ownership.

Possible Outputs

  • Application and Infrastructure packages to suit your Payment .
  • Plan & Implementation roadmap covering departments

Seamless implementation & Go to market strategy

We work to ensure seamless implementation across relevant stakeholders and further assist you in preparation of tailor made and competitive go to market strategy so that you can leverage full benefits of our solutions
blackriver Custom Software Development

Rapid and agile delivery should not give you the reason to compromise on seamless user experience. Hence, we thoroughly design prototype for user training and user acceptance testing as per requirements from you.

We collaborate with you to understand the dynamics and trends in a given market vis-à-vis probable offerings basis solution proposed / developed by us and also assist you in exploring solution positioning, competitive differentiators and promotion strategy.

Possible Outputs

  • User training and User acceptance testing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Product launch strategy
  • Exchange of knowledge base / manual related to solution