Just maximize resources, not the burden

Boost momentum and multiply your team’s expertise with experienced software developers or technical experts managed by us and governed by you. They will be staff that integrates with and scales your strategy, project management, design, development, quality assurance capacities. Below are the key phases that we envisage as we help you choose our products and services to complement your business. These phases will be customized to suit your interests and requirements.

Organize effort

Partner with a MAsys strategist to understand your requirement who will work shoulder to shoulder with you to finalize the scope, oversee the process, and serve as the communication lead for your project.
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Scrum Masters
Evine Live Project

MAsys project leaders can help you identify the resources as per your business requirements. Such resources are involved on an as-needed or long-term basis, our subject matter experts learn the nuances of your industry and provide strategic, technical, and experiential recommendations, guiding you to overcome transformations, navigate complex regulation, expand into new markets, or simultaneously scale multiple departments.

Possible Outputs

  • Outline Project Scope
  • Determine User Roles
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Release Timeline

Expedite Business operations or Creation of Application / Product / Website

MAsys project managers will work with your internal resource lead to translate the requirements / expectations and knowledge transfer to the loan staff working with you.
  • Production Support
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design

Our team brings experience in IT infrastructure support, Application design, Website development and many other skillset relevant to your business. Whether you’ve created the application / website and need production support or seek expertise realizing your product vision, we bring a user-oriented, interactive and innovative approach to each project.

Software developers & technical experts are aligned to your organization based on experience, ensuring each team is equipped with technical SMEs. We have proven expertise in managing processes with distributed teams delivering effective communication / deliverables with decreased cost.

Possible Outputs

  • Finalize coordinator from your business
  • Complete knowledge transfer to loan staff
  • Discuss the roadmap and timelines for deliverables / operational activities.